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Where do you get your inventory?
Over the years we have purchased a number of estates, so we are fortunate to have a lot of back stock.

Are you still buying?
We buy some things:
  1. U.S. coins and currency.
  2. White Gold, especially 1920-1940.
  3. Diamonds - 1/2 carat and larger.

What makes buying an engagement ring from you any different from somewhere else?
My wife, Carole, is a goldsmith and I'm a Gemologist, so we don't have to send the ring out for sizing or appraisal. We have a very large selection of quality American made mountings at prices tha in many cases, are close to wholesale.

Why is it said that your store is like a museum, but better?
It's because you can buy the tiems!

Do you sell celebrity autographs?
Yes, we have thousands of autographs from celebrities, historical figures, politicians and more. If you're looking for one in particular, please contact us.

How many U.S. President's autiographs do you have?
All of them! We have presidential signatures on various documents and have one of the most extensive collections in the country.

What are your favorite items in the store?
I love the variety, including documents signed by every President, cases of treasures in showcases from Roman days to current.

What kinds of coins and currency do you have?
We sell bullion at only a small markup (and no sales tax!). We have ancient Greek & Roman, World coins and currency. And we have a very nice selection of U.S. coins & currency.

I'm having trouble finding a place to do jewelry repairing. What can you do?
We do watch battery, gold diamond ring sizing and retipping on prongs, restringing, just to name a few.

Can you ship items?
Yes! And we only charge you the actual costs.

Why should I buy gold & silver from you?
Customers like that there is no sales tax and only a 1 1/2% profit when we order it in, ($1000 purchase = only $15 fee), quick, confidential. Remember, when you buy online, they have all your information!

I heard you have a Victorian Mansion in Estes Park filled with antiques available for vaction rentals. Is that true?
We do indeed! Welcome to our 8 bedroom 8 bath Classic Colorado Log Mountain Estate that is located only 1 mile west of Estes Park. This stunning architectural masterpiece features a symphony of glass walls and soaring interior open spaces with authentic antique accents. The 10,000 sq. ft. lodge is nestled between mammoth rock formations, towering evergreens and aspens for privacy with majestic mountain views, colorful and dense vegetation, wonderful wetlands and ponds to enjoy with abundant wildlife. It's called Fall River Lodge and you can learn more about it on our lodge website.